AUCKLAND, New Zealand — 24 August, 2023 — Icarus: New Frontiers, the relaunch of the popular survival game developed by RocketWerkz, is available now on Steam. New Frontiers is a major expansion set in Prometheus, a merciless new region where terraforming has failed and hostile alien lifeforms abound. Players are challenged to solve a sinister mystery while establishing a base in the open world and fighting simply to survive.

“This is our original vision for the game,” says gamerunner Dean Hall. “By combining the mission-based gameplay with a huge open world and the aliens that the community has been asking for, New Frontiers is a tense and thrilling survival experience.”


In the New Frontiers expansion players enter Prometheus, a region of Icarus where the terraforming process failed and left the raw alien landscape and life intact but not unaltered. Previously this heavily-restricted zone was declared too dangerous for prospecting but will now be opened to seasoned contractors.

The terraforming process drastically impacted the local wildlife, terribly mutating them into Dreadwings, Lava Hunters, Needlers, Dracs and Drifters. Each hostile new biome features extreme weather events such as ash storms in volcanic regions and acid rain in swamplands.

New mission logic will allow players to launch any mission from their permanent Open World base, including six new narrative missions that unveil a dark mystery to be solved on the planet’s surface.

Other major updates to the game since launch include changing the mission timer from realworld to in-game time, ridable mounts, dedicated servers, farming, fishing, optimizations and much more.

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